google pay

In the line of cashless payment, another new name is ‘Google Pay’. It is a mobile payment app that lets you pay for items you purchase online through a contactless payment system. The app provides other advanced features like exchanging money with others, tracking personal spending, and getting virtual credit cards. In Android phones, it is the default payment system. But you can also use it with your iPhone. 

Setting up Google Pay

To set up Google Pay you must first have a Google Account and sign into the account. Chrome’s AutoFill feature lets you save financial information. If you have done that then your debit and credit card details will be automatically transferred to Google Pay. Otherwise, you need to enter this information manually now. There is an ‘Add’ button on the website which you can use to enter the payment method and your financial details including your debit or credit card information, name, and billing address. If you want you can add multiple card details, a Google Store card, a bank account, or a PayPal account. If you have Android devices then Google Pay should be there by default; you won’t have to download and install it. 


Google Pay lets you have your debit and credit cards by your side so that you can access them quickly. With Google Pay, you will be able to keep track of all the transactions you have made. You will get notifications of offers, loyalty cards, and online ordering. This makes your life a lot easier. You will be able to see your spending patterns and find out where you can save money. You can find your past purchases and keep track of those. When you activate offers you can get cash back rewards. Google Pay allows privacy and is secure. It is much safer than swiping the cards or paying cash. Your personal information won’t be shared with any third party. With easy-to-use tools, you can control your privacy and security. There are built-in authentication, fraud protection, and transaction encryption. 


You can use Google Pay for various purposes. It has the unique feature of splitting your dinner or other expenses with your friends. You don’t need to do the math in such a case, Google Pay will do it for you and keep track of who has paid what amount. You can also send money to a friend. You can make payments for purchasing products in physical stores using Google Pay. You just need to hold your device close to a compatible payment terminal. The transaction will happen automatically. However, the in-store purchase can be made with only the Android device. You can store all your loyalty cards in Google Pay so you don’t have to carry the actual cards with you. There is a boarding pass option that you can use to board on Southwest Airlines. 

Google Pay is very convenient. You won’t have to carry cash, debit, or credit cards if you have Google Pay. So, set up Google Pay on your Android or iPhone today.