Ever heard the term “palmetto bugs” used and wondered what kind of bug it is? Pests are often referred to by different names in different areas depending on the preferences of their communities.

What is a palmetto insect?

The common name “Palmetto Bug”, is used to refer to a variety of cockroaches as well as some beetles that are found in the Southeastern United States, especially South Carolina and Florida. Because they live in the vicinity of palmetto trees with their fan-shaped leaves, certain species of cockroaches have been called “palmetto bugs”. Pest Control Melbourne

Cockroach Vs. Palmetto Bug

In many ways, a palmetto insect is the same as a cockroach. It is common to use the two terms interchangeably when talking about pests. Since there are over 4,500 different species of cockroach, and all of them have different sizes, shapes and colors, it can be difficult to determine what kind of cockroach has been spending too much time in your home. Many cockroach species are known as palmetto bug, but not all are.

The American cockroach is one species often referred to as a palmetto bug. The adult cockroaches are reddish brown and have a yellow border around their pronotum, the shield-like structure covering their heads. They can be found throughout the United States in basements, sewers and landscape materials, as well as wood piles. American cockroaches thrive in warm summer months, but can survive lower temperatures, especially indoors.

How to deal with an infestation

Unfortunately, most pest control methods will not eliminate cockroaches. Cockroaches are hardy, resilient creatures that can hide from home remedies. It is possible to have a cockroach/palmetto insect infestation. Contact Natural Pest Control Melbourne today for a free inspection!