If you are on the lookout for a pre school in pune, chances are that ‘Global Montessori Programme’ is a term you’d have often heard. Developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori, the Montessori method of education emphasizes independence. The method discourages conventional measures of tests and grades and views children as eager for knowledge and initiator of learning in a learning environment.

Now that we know what Montessori is, what exactly is the Global Montessori Plus Programme?
Well, developed by the Global Indian International School, ‘Global Montessori Plus Programme’ is an award-winning programme offering best of the reputed Montessori approach with innovative practices of modern pre-school education. Pioneered by GIIS, this is the only international pre-school montessori curriculum of its kind.

The ‘Plus’ in Global Montessori Plus Programme refers to customisation of Maria Montessori’s world-renowned teaching methodology. GIIS Pre-Primary School has integrated the original theory with contemporary research and insights, to infuse the fundamentals of formal learning with the latest innovative learning tools.  This methodology offers unique and unprecedented growth and development opportunities for the students.

Age Criteria for admission to the GMP Programme for Pre-Primary is:

Nursery – 3 years & above
Junior KG/K1 – 4 years & above
Senior KG/K2 – 5 years & above

The GMP Programme also helps foster development of cognitive, expressive and motor skills, along with inducing a sense of social responsibility, cultural awareness and environmental consciousness. All of this forms a part of GIIS’s holistic pedagogy. The ideologies of GMP also lend themselves to areas such as the Teachers. Mostly the teachers are handpicked for every class and one of the most important criteria for selection is ‘excellence in teaching’.

To give the GMP Programme (Global Montessori Plus) a structure, there are five solid pillars that act as the foundation for pre-school education.

  1. Excelerate’ Programme – Added emphasis on excellence while accelerating basic literacy skills is what this pillar is about. Individualistic focus on students to help attain fluency in language and numerical skills in a fun and interactive manner is at the core of this programme.
  1. Multi-faceted Learning – A Thematic Learning methodology aiming to keep the individuality of students in mind along with creating interactive activities. Aimed towards holistic growth of students, this pillar works towards nurturing the students’ inherent personalities as well as help their intellectual capacities grow in a steady manner. 
  1. iPlay Programme – For physical, social-emotional and cognitive student development, Play is an essential part at the kindergarten level. Giving them the choice of what to play, how to play and whom to play with under thorough learned supervision encourages students to accumulate information and assimilate it which in turn inculcates in them the skills of independence, cooperation and management.
  2. iCare Programme – Sensitising students towards the  community and the environment is a major part of this GMP programme. This is done through activities like gardening or charity drives to teach students the universal values of compassion, kindness and giving.
  3. Future Ready Programme – The future-ready programme at GIIS includes a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), which develops in students a love for subjects through active participation. 

Overall the GMP program is the best curriculum option for a Pre-Primary to Kindergartener if you are looking for a pre-school in Pune. Apart from the above-mentioned details about GIIS, it is noteworthy that both the GIIS campuses in Pune – GIIS SMART Campus, Hadapsar, and GIIS SMART Campus, Balewadi have been recognized as the Best School in Teaching Excellence in the Times School Online Education Survey 2020 conducted recently.