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Every child deserves to be a part of a good education system. While there are children who are privileged to study at international schools, there are other students who are gifted with academic excellence but do not have the means to afford the fees.

 Such children deserve the support of institutions that aim at helping students financially to give them a fair chance at succeeding in their lives and careers. This not only helps the student, but also the family members of the student, who get a chance to uplift their standing in society.

Initiatives like this are very important to society and are a boon for young children who have the potential to grow into successful individuals and build a lucrative career for themselves. Social initiatives like this should be more common among big schools that have the means to support such children.

What is the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship?

 Tunku Abdul Rahman was the first president of Malaysia and the scholarship is named after him and was first initiated by the government of Malaysia in 1966.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship by Global Indian International School in Kuala Lumpur

 The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship is an initiative by Global Schools Foundation (GSF) in Kuala Lumpur offered by Global Indian International School. The aim of the merit cum means scholarship program is to provide affordable education to capable children of Malaysia who come from a moderate-income family. It also extends to existing parents and student fraternity of Global Indian School and applies to all grades.

What does it offer?

 Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship offers huge discounts on tuition fees to eligible students whose family incomes fall under the moderate category. 

 This provides a great opportunity to students by helping them achieve academic excellence on a global platform like GIS without the financial burden to their parents.

Apart from new admissions that are eligible, the scholarship is also applicable to parents of existing student fraternities inside the GIS

 The scholarship applies to all grades from 1- 12 and the tenure of the scholarship program is 2 years.

 The scholarship applies to the following curricula offered by Global Indian School:

  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
  • CLSP (Cambridge Lower Secondary Program)
  • IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)

Eligibility criteria

 The eligibility criteria are divided into categories based on the gross family income and are specifically allotted to moderate-income parents who do not have the financial stability to enroll their child in international schools.

 The first criteria are that parents should be Malaysian residents who are PR holders, dependent pass holders, and student pass holders.

 Apart from this, another important criterion is the academic performance of the child for the past two years.

 And since the scholarship is aimed at moderate-income parents, the table below categorizes the different discounts that are offered according to the gross family income

Category A: This applies to parents whose Gross Family Income is below RM 120k. The student gets a discount of 80% on their tuition fees.

 Category B: This applies to parents whose Gross Family Income is RM 120K – RM 160K. The student gets a discount of 35% on the tuition fees

 Category C: This applies to parents whose Gross Family Income is RM 161K –RM 200K. The student gets a discount of 25% on the tuition fees.

 Category D: This applies to parents whose Gross Family Income is RM 161K – 200K. The student gets a discount of 15% on the tuition fees.

 How to apply for the scholarship

 The first step is to fill up the online application for the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship on the school’s online portal

 The second step is the documentation:

A set of documents are to be uploaded along with the application.

  • Past two academic years record.
  • Family income documents
  • Proof of residence in Malaysia     
  • Self-declaration form that mentions the gross family income.

Process of Selection

 Once the applicant is uploaded, the committee will further assess the application based on the student’s academic excellence, gross family income, and proof of being a resident of Malaysia.

Once the applicant is short-listed, an email will be sent within 10 working days.

The family might have to attend a one on one interview if requested and after the final assessment of all the above criteria, the scholarship will be approved.


 The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship is a wonderful initiative adopted by some of the schools and universities in Malaysia. Empowering students to achieve great academic heights is something that most educational organizations should consider providing to deserving students who do not have a financial backup.

 After all, every capable child, whether privileged or not,  should be given a chance at a good education on a global platform.