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Many think that the tread pattern is the only difference between the summer, all-season and winter tyres. If you think the same, it is not the case. The difference is not that simple. In tyre performance, the tread pattern plays a small role.

A symbol consisting of a snowflake within a mountain is marked on the winter tyres on its side. As per the experts, superior traction is offered by such tyres in ice and snow. As compared to the snow and mud tyres, the tread blocks in such tyres offer better traction as the blocks contain wider sections. It indicates you can have more confidence in driving in ice, snow or slush. This Goodyear Tyres Birmingham contains a high amount of natural rubber. Thus, even when the temperature goes below zero, the tyres still stay soft and flexible.

When you go through too much snow and ice conditions in the winter conditions, these tyres prove to be the best choice. You will get an extra edge with better performance in winter tyres as compared to the all-season tyres.

Critically, the compound of the tyre plays a crucial role. The compound may be plastics, silicone, and rubber. The construction of the tyre also makes a difference. When it is a matter of hot temperature, summer high-performance tyres work efficiently, and in the same way, winter tyres are for a cold climate.

The all-season and summer tyres get frozen and hard in snowy conditions as well as offer poor performance. That means you have more grips to turn and stop in cold weather and even in dry conditions with winter tyres.

You must opt for winter tyres if you see your breath in the mirror regularly. You’re talking about late fall through early spring generally if you reside in the Snow Belt.

It also applies in the case when you have an SUV or an all-wheel-drive or an all-wheel-drive SUV.

Neither traction is created nor controlled or improved in the All-wheel drive like other safety systems. The traction is just maximized.

In other words, all four wheels are spun by the all-wheel-drive system instead of only two. The all-wheel-drive doesn’t enable you to turn or stop. What is more essential in the winter months? It is quite easy to get moving in the winter. But, it is critical to stop, and traction is required in it. These features are offered by the winter tyres. Many all-terrain tyres are branded as three-peak mountain snowflakes.

A tyre is tested physically whether it is performing better as compared to the reference tyre to give it this brand. But, medium packed snow is only one of such conditions. Only acceleration traction is tested in this. If more percentage of traction is offered by such Cheap Tyres Birmingham as compared to the reference tyre, it gets the brand of a snowflake in three-peak Mountain. In brief, it has nothing to do with stopping the vehicle.

As compared to a new regular tyre set, the winter tyre set is not that expensive. The winter tyres cover more miles as compared to the standard tyre. It indicates that you are making your car safe to be driven in winter conditions as well as increasing the durability of the shoes for a warm climate. The collision chances are minimized by using winter tyres in your car. It keeps you safe in unexpected weather and you can also save money on various auto policies or insurances.