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While several stunning specimens of churches worldwide like the Notre Dame, St. Peter’s Basilica, or the Sagrada Familia, not all community churches have been around that long. Church architects look towards historic churches for inspiration in so many ways. Yet, the needs of the modern churchgoers are much evolved from those of their medieval counterparts.

Modern churches are places of worship, but they are also community centers that often serve various purposes. The best church designs in Dallas seek to incorporate all of them.

Here are some things you need to understand while selecting modern church building plans and designs.

Church Affiliation

Firstly, the church is a place of worship for Christians. Before designing a church, one needs to understand whether the community is Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Anglican or follows some Christian edict. Conventional churches have altars facing right, as the rising sun is symbolic of Christ.

The rest of the church is built around it, and the concept of the church sanctuary, which began sometime in the Byzantine era, has today grown to incorporate various other segments of the church.


The church sanctuary has to be divided into various functional segments. The seating for the congregation is arranged to face the altar. However, there might be additional seating arrangements depending on the kind of work the church is willing to undertake from time to time.

For example, multipurpose church building plans in Dallas, TX, make room for an educational center. It is often used to teach the kids and even underprivileged adults in the community. There is a seating arrangement for the orchestra, which comes together during community festivals or even during the Sunday mass.

The seating arrangement is made akin to a design of a modern auditorium so that even youngsters feel encouraged to take part in the community proceedings and not look at a church with religious connotations.

Community Service

Modern churches take center stage when it comes to organizing community work. Be it setting up a community kitchen for the deprived, managing a fundraiser for an ailing family in the community, taking forward a program for spreading awareness about a social issue, or simply a place where the people can come and reflect. The church can go a long way in holding the people together in times of crisis.

There are ample storage spaces to set aside items for a rainy day. Modern church premises have enough room to incorporate these activities, and they are built-in as sustainable a manner as possible. The church authorities and generous donors make sure that the church’s upkeep is never an issue.


In earlier times, churches were built with great stress on acoustics. The high vaulted ceilings of the churches made sure that the sermons and the carols were carried to the farthest corners of the huge hall. While modern churches are still very much concerned about acoustics, they are also equipped with the latest technology to reach out to them.

The best church designs in Dallas include separate rooms for surveillance and technology. They are fitted with internet, flat screens, high-end audio speakers, CCTV cameras, state-of-the-art stereo, and much more. The musical instruments played at congregations have some historical value, but they are also accompanied by modern instruments that take church congregation hours to the next level.

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, a church almost always has something that makes the people look in awe at the place where they come together to communicate with the Almighty. It could be a work of art, it could be the music played in the church, or it could be the power of the sermons.

However, the church’s aesthetics should be incorporated during the planning and design phase of the church. While some classic art pieces are incorporated, with certain conventional elements like steeples, bells, stained glass being a regular feature, new designers are also commissioned.

Classic paintings with Biblical themes and contemporary paintings with re-imagined ideas feature side by side in modern churches.

The multipurpose church building plans in Dallas, TX, have made modern churches into highly flexible spaces. The church interiors and the exterior landscaping are an extension of the spirit of the community, and church designers today are going out of their way to understand the pulse of the members while designing and remodeling churches for them.