Pest Control Essex

Pest control is mainly the elimination of pests with multiple synthetic chemicals which are commonly known as pesticides. These pesticides are very strong to get rid of every type of pests. It is very important to eliminate the pests as these pests spread various types of infections and diseases. Getting rid of pests will also give your house a healthy and fresh environment. You must hire professional services of pest control in Essex for eliminating the pests because you can’t do it on your own. If you do this by yourself then the pest may come again from time to time.

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What things to do before pest control treatment starts

You must look for the things which are mention below before starting the pest control treatment.

Ease of Access

If you have big furniture at your home then you should remove it before the pest control treatment has been started. Because the big furniture blocks the access towards pests. These pests will hide in the furniture and then you could not eliminate them. Removing a large piece of furniture gives ease of access to professional pest controllers. If you remove the furniture they will have access to every corner of your home where most of the pests are hidden. This way they can perform their services much better and also ensure to eliminate every single pest. Because the pest will not find any place to hide.

Moreover, removing furniture also helps you to protect your furniture from pesticides, any spills, and chemical sprays.

Furniture and Clothes

Always make sure to pack your clothes, jewelry, and other staff. You must pack these things in plastic wrapping so that no chemical spray or pesticide will affect your things. Because if a chemical spray absorbs in your clothes then it will because of infections.

Store your packed things in a fully closed cabinet and make sure to cover up or seal every hole or space of the cabinet. You can use cello tape to seal the drawers because the regular masking tape is made up of paper, as it will absorb the chemical sprays. The purpose of using tape is to seal or cover the open areas and the regular tape will not meet this purpose, therefore use only cello tape.

Also make sure to remove all the bedsheets, pillow covers, and mattresses cover, etc. To prevent them from absorbing pesticides and chemical sprays. Make sure to cover the dining table, chairs, and sofas with plastic wrapping. Never cover these things with clothing sheets as these sheets are not enough to provide safety because these sheets may absorb the chemical sprays.

If you have termites in your home, and you hire professional pest control services for controlling termites then you have to clear out every piece of wooden furniture you have in your house. They will spray the chemicals and pesticides into the wooden furniture. Because termites grow in wooden places that is why it is important to spray on the furniture or wooden areas.


Pet is highly sensitive to the types of chemicals which are used in pest controlling treatment. If you have any pets at your home then it is better if you leave your pets at your friend’s or neighbor’s place until the pest control procedure is complete.

Make sure to store your pet’s things carefully like; cage of pet (if you have any) pet’s bedding, toys, and vessels.

If you have a fish aquarium at home then make sure to cover it completely with plastic wrapping. Also, make sure you have put in enough food for the fishes for the duration of pest control treatment. Also, turn off the air pump of the aquarium because air-borne contaminants may also enter through the air pump and transfer into the water.

Bathroom accessories

Professional pest controllers also spray chemicals and chemicals in the bathroom. A bathroom has more pests.

You have to cover up your toothbrushes, shaving razors, and floss, etc. It is better if you replace the soap, shampoo, and detergents after the pest control procedure.

Moreover, you must hire professional services because they are providing quality services of pest control in harrow.

Wall paints

Some of the wall paints of your house are not friendly to pest control chemicals and pesticides. It is better you also cover those paint walls with plastic. A plastic covering will protect the wall from getting any damage.

Flower pots

If you have flower pots in your home then it is better to left them in an open area. You can place your pots someplace which is not to be sprayed. But there are some plants that you can’t wrap, therefore you can place them at some safe place.

Kitchen area

Clear all of the countertops of your kitchen and store all the utensils, plates, cups, cutlery, and glasses in some safe and covered place.

Regular storage areas of kitchens are supposed to be spread because they attract the pest towards them and the pest also hides them. That is why safe your vessels at some safe place. Move the small kitchen places out of the kitchen and pack them so that they won’t any chemical element through sprays.

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