Air duct cleaning services in Daly City

It’s not that surprising for homeowners to find a rat, mouse, or other small rodents dead in their ductwork. However, it’s never a pleasant experience, yet they can hire professional air duct cleaning services in Daly City to eliminate them. It will frequently leave you with a foul odor and a mess to clean up. Although the animal died in your ductwork, the scent would most certainly seep into your home, making your whole house smell.

If this happens in your home, you likely have two questions, where the smell is coming from and how quickly you can get rid of it? While it’s best to have this type of situation handled by a professional, here are some tips on things you can do in the event a small animal dies in your ductwork. 

Get Rid of The Scent With Air Duct Cleaning Services In Daly City

The stench of the decomposing animal is usually the first sign that something is wrong. While smelling a rodent in your basement, attic, crawlspace, or ductwork means that it died there, the only way to find where it died is by following the scent.

If you’ve ruled out any other possibilities and think it’s in your ductwork, carefully remove the vent cover and check inside with a flashlight. You can start extracting the animal if you see it. If you don’t see that right away, you may need the help of a professional for Insulation removal in Daly City to look for the animal’s final resting place.

Get It Out

Animals often crawl into dark corners or nooks or even into the insulation to die, making it highly challenging to find. If you don’t see it, hire professional air duct cleaning services in Daly City, or once you find it, you will need to remove it efficiently. Gather supplies like paper towels, disinfectant spray, garbage bags, and rubber gloves. If the rodent is out of your reach, you may require other tools, anything that can lift it or drag it closer to you. Once you find it and the source of the smell is evacuated, you should thoroughly disinfect that place to get rid of the smell and clean the area. 

Plug The Leak

Once the animal is removed and the Insulation removal in Daly City of that place is done, you should consider taking follow-up steps. One thing you should do is have a thorough inspection of your system and ductwork performed to learn how the animal was able to enter your ductwork in the first place. It’s essential to find them to prevent another animal from getting into the ductwork and increase your system’s energy efficiency. 

When In Doubt, Hire A Professional

A pest control professional can help you remove the rodent and get rid of the smell, while the team at Attic Express can inspect your ductwork and make required repairs to your system. If you feel a rodent has died in your HVAC system, contact us today, and we shall get things done immediately.