Have you decided to join contests to develop your poetry career? The next step is finding the perfect competition for you. With a wide variety of tournaments, selecting the best ones is challenging. Remember, your winning chances will increase by picking a suitable contest for you. Listed below are factors you must look for in a writing competition.

Number of Contestants

If you need a good contest, ensure it has many contestants. After winning in such poetry contests, you will have confidence in your poetry skills. Poets are only attracted to competitions that guarantee value. They will pick the ones with a large audience and more sponsorships. That is because they know it is possible to get life-changing deals from such events. You should also join such contests.


Judges play a sensitive role in the contests. They are responsible for finding the winner of the competition. Hence, they must be skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in poetry. You can rate the contests based on the caliber of their jurors because the best ones have hired renowned poets as judges. Everybody will respect the decisions and views made by such a panel of jurors.


While searching for a good contest, do not forget to check the deadline. If the deadline is closer, avoid the competition. Remember, creating a special poem is not an easy task. It takes time to connect with your creative juices. Editing and re-editing the work is very strenuous too. Hence, you can’t do it hurriedly. I prefer free poetry competitions, offering sufficient time for creating a winning poem.


Never join a contest without consulting with its previous contestants. These people know the reliability of the competition. They can tell if the judges are fair or not. That is because they have accurate facts obtained from experience. Failure to consult such persons is the reason why many poets enroll in fake competitions. Their previous competitors will refer others to the best competitions.


What is the top prize in the poetry contests? That is an essential question because it will affect your diligence and performance in the competition. It would help if you had a motivating factor for taking the winner’s award. If the prize is valueless to you, it will be impossible to do your best. That is why contestants must search for a competition with an honorable award for the winner. You will exhaust all your potentials to win it.

Entry Charges

Before joining the contest, check if they have imposed an entry fee or not. Some competitions only allow paying contestants to participate. They use the money to finance their operations and pay the winner. If you are willing to join such contests, check the cost of their fees because they vary. Look for a competition whose charges are affordable for you. Fortunately, you can also find good free contests.


Apart from learning, free poetry competitions give you a platform to market your poems and skills. The contests have an audience of poetry lovers. They follow the competition to read exceptional poems from upcoming poets. If they love your style, you will get an audience committed to buying and reading your work.