After drinking alcohol, the liver pain that follows is always gruesome. It is always advisable to consult the best gastroenterologist in Pune or any other city using the Bajaj Finserv Health app. This most advanced healthcare application offers all facilities in one place.

The liver is one of the quintessential organs of the body. It helps in processing nutrients like proteins and fats. Drinking alcohol, even in moderation for a few days, can be treacherous. Signs for liver diseases are hard to recognise. But pain is a definite indicator of an underlying liver problem.

Consequences Of Drinking Alcohol

A heavy drinking session or many moderate alcoholic drinks can lead to various diseases in the liver. Their onset is marked by the collection of fat in the organ and can initiate the loss of appetite, abdominal pain or even nausea.

If you have jaundice, then it could be a noticeable sign of hepatitis. These conditions can worsen over time. Cirrhosis or an advanced level of liver disease can prove to be a terrifying aftermath. It can become fatal as the liver itself becomes irreversible to repair.

Also, the damage caused to the liver due to consumption of alcohol is crucial to note. Since the organ lacks any pain receptors, it can be underestimated, overlooked or mistaken for another problem. Chances of developing cancer are high if the person continues drinking alcohol for long periods.

Symptoms Of Liver Pain After Consuming Alcohol

Knowing symptoms of liver pain due to alcohol is necessary to distinguish it from pain caused by other reasons. Some common symptoms of liver pain include :

  • Pain experienced in the abdomen region. It can appear at intervals and can be felt like a throb or a stab.
  • Pain felt in the right shoulder of the body. It is better to consult a doctor to check for any cysts or disease in the liver, for this matter.
  • The enlargement of the liver and the subsequent pain of the organ is a noticeable sign. It can lead to vomiting and nausea as well.
  • The sign of high fever is another indicator of pain in the liver. It can be due to the fluid pockets or cysts in the liver.

What To Do When This Happens?

If you don’t avail of proper treatment within time, things can get out of hand. The best would be to visit a doctor and look for suitable treatment or medication.

  1. Seek Online Doctor Consultation

The advancement in medicine and technology has provided us with this blessing of online consultations with doctors. The Bajaj Finserv Health platform is a highly reliable one-stop destination to find the experts in the field and even book an online doctor consultation.

It is an excellent way to communicate with your doctor if you’re unable to visit them directly because of some unforeseen reason.

  1. Visit The Best Gastroenterologist In Pune

Consulting a top gastroenterologist is advisable for people suffering from liver pain. They will be able to diagnose, detect and take the necessary treatment for the condition.

Ask them questions about what your food habits and daily routines must include. Through this method, you’ll understand what changes you need to bring to your lifestyle to maintain a healthy liver.

The doctor will diagnose to detect the condition precisely after conducting physical examinations. Scans are run to check for any cysts or tumours in the liver. The doctor will perform a blood or liver function test to calculate the levels of liver juices and other hormones.

After the test, the doctor will inform you about the treatment or medication to be taken. If your condition isn’t severe, then the doctor will only suggest you abstain from drinking alcohol. Other changes like modifying your dietary patterns by avoiding high-fat content and a revamp of a lifestyle are advised by medical experts.

But otherwise, you might be required to undergo medical treatment. Painkillers and antiviral drugs are effective in treating liver diseases. In case of cancer, the transplant of the organ is suggested. The advice provided by the gastroenterologist will help cure not only the pain but also treat the underlying liver disease.


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It is crucial to stay alert and aware of the symptoms of liver pain due to alcohol to seek treatment within time. Timely diagnosis and treatment will help control the progression of the disease and aid in faster recovery from the ailment.