Summer Tyres Coventry

One just cannot ignore the fact that the earth is getting hotter day by day. They say you start losing all the heat after reaching a certain point. But the sentence looks absurd in the case of our planet and David Beckham, of course. Most of the nations experience mild to strong summers and it is not easy to cope with the sun, both for humans and tyres. In the world of automobiles, tyre companies have done a commendable job by innovating special kinds of tyres for summer known as summer tyres.

Summer tyres are useful in places that are warmer than 7 degrees Celsius. They provide smooth grip and great handling on wet and dry roads because of their large tread blocks. These blocks increase the amount of rubber that is in contact with the road which results in better stability. Kumho Tyres Coventry remains steady and firm even at high speed as they are designed with special tread bars for a strong grip. 

The rubber compounds in these tyres are harder than other tyre types because heat tends to soften tyre compounds. However, these compounds should not become too hard otherwise performance quality will suffer.



The first advantage of using summer tyres is they provide an excellent grip on wet and dry roads. Good traction is the basic quality of any tyre and because summer tyres are designed with large treads, they provide stability and smooth grip.


Imagine you are driving on a deserted road listening to ‘Happy Together’ by Turtles and suddenly a deer comes running! To avoid such nightmares, it is important to have tyres with good braking ability. Summer tyres provide low braking distance in the scorching heat. It means that they stop your vehicle at a distance shorter than other tyres in summer. 


People usually expect full comfort from their car ride and would not want to compromise it for anything. One of the coolest advantages of having summer tyres is they are less noisy as compared to other tyres. They do not vibrate much and ensure a peaceful ride.


If you use any other type of tyres in summer, they will have a very high rolling resistance and it will lead to an increase in fuel consumption. On the other hand, summer tyres hold a smooth grip on the surface and they roll easily without putting much load on the engine. Thus, they save fuel. 


The major concern of people driving their cars in summer is tyre blowouts and chances of flat tyres. Summer tyres are designed to work well even in excessive heating of the sun. They have a unique tread pattern that has the potential of absorbing extra heat and providing a comfortable ride. 

Also, they reduce the risk of aquaplaning by dispersing water on wet roads. Besides all these, summer tyres do not stop you from putting extra weight on the accelerator. They do not let you lose the balance of the Car Tyres Coventry even at high speed.



The first and major disadvantage of using winter tyres in summers is that they cannot bear heat as it softens the rubber compound used in them.


Winter tyres are designed to provide good traction on snowy roads and wet surfaces because of their hard and deep treads. In summers, it gradually becomes soft and results in a loss in traction and gripping ability of the tyre.


A major problem with winter tyres is that you need to change them in the summers with all-season or summer tyres.


Summer tyres, too, have some limitations like they cannot work efficiently in cold temperatures but despite that, they are the best option for summers. Next time you want to go on a long drive during a hot summer weekend, make sure to mount these black beauties for effortless performance on warm and dry roads. 

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