A year after the pandemic, countries are now considering reopening borders as vaccines for COVID-19 are on the rollout in different parts of the world. Many people have now received the first dose of their vaccine, while others are already fully vaccinated. This news is an excellent point to start reopening the international travels for airline companies. However, standard health procedures are still in effect for safe travels.

Aside from travellers, many overseas workers are still encouraged to undergo COVID-19 testing before proceeding with their travel plans. Most people think of going to hospitals and clinics for the test, but there are already different and accessible ways to undergo such, and here are some of them:

COVID-19 Testing in Airports

People leaving the country on short notice need not worry about COVID-19 testing as many airports now offer rapid or antigen tests as it has a fast turnaround than the RT-PCR test. It is a very convenient and excellent option for people in a rush and doesn’t have enough time to go through all the testing requirements.

Self-test and Mail-in COVID-19 Testing Option

To avoid the hospital’s hassle, long lines and keep things private COVID-19 testing kits are also now made available. Like home sexual health testVitamin D test, or private thyroid test, the coronavirus text kit can be accessed through online health partners accredited by the UK government. This test kit can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Aside from the mentioned testing options, some community drugstores and hotels also partnered with reputable companies to administer the COVID-19 testing. Some see the hotel COVID-19 testing as very helpful as it acts as a pre-travel lounge before the actual flights and could be a perfect quarantine place should one need to be observed before leaving the country.

Check out this Where Can I Get a COVID-19 Test for Travel infographic by Harley Medic International to learn more.

Where can I get a COVID-19 test for travel?