If you read this title and have been asking yourself the same question, then this article is for you. There are numerous ways that someone can smoke marijuana and other cannabis products. If you’ve been smoking for many years since you were younger, you’ve probably tried it all. There are the typical methods of smoking that usually are in the form of a blunt, joint, bowl, or even the age-old apple method.

No matter how you like to smoke and with what tool, within your time of being a smoker, you’ve probably run into different kinds of materials that are used to smoke out of. Depending on what kind of device you’re smoking out of, it could be made from a variety of different materials. Typically, you’re going to find pieces made out of either clay, porcelain, acrylic, or glass.

Again, if you’re asking yourself about where to find glass pipes in your area, then you may know of the wonders of glass pipes and other smoking devices made from glass. Usually, it’s pretty common for regular smokers to choose glass over any other type of material for smoking. And that is for many reasons that we will get into.

If you’re unsure of why glass is the preferred choice and preferred material for smoking out of, here’s some great reasons why.

Reasons to Choose Glass Pipes

Healthier Option

While you’re inhaling a substance into your lungs, it’s best for your lungs and health to choose something that won’t add any nasty chemicals or toxins to your body. Smoking the flower is not the unhealthy part, it’s what you’re also inhaling into your body. In most cases, if you’re using a glass pipe or a bong, water is used to filter the smoke and cool it down before you inhale it. It can help reduce any burning in the throat and calls for a much smoother and enjoyable experience.

Less Heat

Some pieces made from other materials can heat up pretty hot. Pipes made out of metal or another similar material can heat up much faster and be uncomfortable to handle or even be too hot to touch. That totally defeats the purpose of using a small, handheld pipe. Glass takes a much longer time to heat up, so you can enjoy your smoke session and not have to cut it short.


Most pipes made of glass are extremely durable, as the entire pipe is usually made of thick glass that is hard to smash. It’s ability to resist a lot of force through dropping it or banging it against something is super helpful if you are clumsy or have butterfingers. Plus, accidents happen, and there’s nothing worse than accidentally breaking your pipe because the material can’t withstand the pressure.


Since the glass pipe produces smaller amounts of smoke compared to other types of smoking methods, it can save you on the actual flower and allow your stash to last much longer. For any smoker, this is a major plus as the habit and hobby of smoking cannabis can be an expensive one. Plus, who doesn’t love to be able to savor their cannabis while smoking it? Isn’t it all about the experience?

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