Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly one of the fastest developing cities of this century. People there are hardworking and dedicated towards their respective goals. Amongst these people, there are a number of people that have migrated to this city, bringing a mix of cultures. This mix of cultures, in return, brings a mix of ideas to the table. Be it management, banking, etc, this mix of ideas has proved to be an integral part of all major sectors.

Hence, the rich and diverse culture of the city of Abu Dhabi has become an important part of people’s lives. This diversity is experienced, not just by office-going adults but also by school-going kids. Abu Dhabi is home to a number of international schools and other educational institutes. These schools have wide popularity in the city of Abu Dhabi since most of these schools bring out something new to the table.

International schools in Abu Dhabi are famous for their groundbreaking frameworks and advanced teaching methods. These teaching methods are targeted at providing holistic development to your loved one, especially focusing on important aspects necessary in this modern world such as efficiency, stress and workload management, time management, etc.

Curriculums followed at certain special international schools also focus on preparing their students for university, since they understand the importance higher education plays in the lives of modern-day individuals. This preparation, although a gradual process, intensifies as the children reach higher secondary or the high school divisions. 

In terms of career and profession, higher secondary school years prove to be the most crucial years in any person’s life. It is during this time when students realize  their future dreams and ambitions. Hence it becomes a really important task for schools to provide their students with enough intellectual nutrition so that they can make the important decisions of their lives bravely and truthfully. 

How can Higher Secondary students benefit from International schools?

As mentioned above, some of the international schools situated in Abu Dhabi use advanced educational frameworks that are designed to better meet the demands of the modern world. These schools realize that conventional methods of teaching can not work in this advanced world. These frameworks meticulously work to provide quality education in their classes, without relying entirely on textbook education.

Unconventional teaching methods: Use of NextGen Campuses

These international schools understand the importance of practicality and experience. By not relying on textbooks entirely, the classrooms of these foreign institutes are focused on bringing lessons into reality. What was earlier taught through the monotonous interaction between human and paper is now taught through a medium of endless possibilities. They are way better than Indian Public Schools.

With the help of modern-day technological equipment, instilled into these frameworks, these unconventional schools can make their teaching more fun and more effective. Not only this, outside their classrooms students find a number of playgrounds, courts, etc that motivate them to engage in physical exercises. A team of trained coaches and professionals are always ready to help these students improve their game and hence increase their confidence. 

Unconventional Teaching Methods: a set of special programs

Schools like Global Indian International School (GIIS) Abu Dhabi have introduced a number of special programs to further reach out to their students and help anyone in need. GIIS uses a self-developed, award-winning, educational framework known as the 9GEMS framework. 9GEMS framework has laid down programs to help students outside their classrooms. The bridging program is an example of one such program.

The bridging program allows any student to join the curriculum later than his/her peers. GIIS understands the importance of mental and physical health. Hence they are known to create an environment of care and protection in their classrooms. This bridging program further reduces the pressure off of student’s shoulders as it allows them to be absent during adverse situations at the start of any term. Students can then return to the classes whenever they feel refreshed and are ready to get back to work. A team of teachers helps the student cover up all the topics that she would have missed out through a series of extra classes.

Results and Conclusion

With the above-mentioned bullet points of their unconventional frameworks and many others, these schools have managed to give the best results over the years. Many Higher Secondary students and their parents have put their trust in these schools and their teachers. These schools work hard day and night to give these parents and their wards an education lined with satisfaction. 

By focusing on the overall development of a child in all sectors, these schools ready them for their future duties and endeavours. For higher secondary students, these schools target to induce a sense of responsibility towards their goals. A modern mix of cultures brought about by such schools brings the teachings of these cultures together and gives every student the best of all worlds.