Who in Their Right Mind Would Invest in SEO 2

Search engine optimization or SEO online marketing techniques have gained popularity among businesses on the internet. Many have turned to SEO for their website to grow their company and increase their revenue generation capacity. Still, why do entrepreneurs choose to implement this digital marketing campaign?

After all, it is an inbound marketing strategy that capitalizes on customers already looking for a company’s offers. It optimizes a website and enables it to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), such as in Google or Bing, making it easier to be found by consumers. Even if potential clients do not know the brand, they are likely to engage with the website and might even make a purchase.

Why would businesses want their brand to be quickly found by customers online anyway? Ultimately, companies have invested in a website for their offers not to be seen by potential buyers, right?

Furthermore, using SEO on websites helps establishments gain a competitive lead in the market by building the company’s reputation, creating lasting relationships with loyal customers while attracting new ones. With a boosted online presence and a larger clientele, a website is likely to generate more revenue.

But who needs to invest in something that will bring them all that attention and growth? By not investing in SEO, businesses will trail behind their competitors and maintain a smaller market share. In the long run, companies that do not utilize SEO might struggle to keep up with other market players that have implemented this digital marketing tactic since the beginning.

If entrepreneurs want to enjoy staying in the last pages of SERPs where they are unlikely to get noticed by customers and make sales, they should steer clear of SEO and refrain from learning more about it. Conversely, if they are still asking themselves, “Is SEO worth the money?” they should see this amusing infographic from Landau Consulting.