Many years ago, a lower-class gave birth to a talented child, Ajit Pharbu in a small town in South India. An Indian young lad who, after completing graduation from his hometown, the college went to the United States. In New York, he did two masters in the engineering field. Also, started a job at General Electric’s corporate research and Development Centre. During his academic career, he achieved many scholarships. Mr. Ajit Prabhu had humble beginnings in Hubli, Karnataka, where he used to study in a public school as a child. He always performed at his best during his time as a student. Which was the reason he constantly surpasses himself in life. He has gone through life with special zeal. A defining moment in his life was when he looked at the rich people in his city and wondered why his family did not have such a life. Ajit parents had always told him that education was the way he could pave his way in life, which is why he was so focused on it.


Later on, Mr. Ajit Prabhu became the CEO and President of QuEST Global. Once he realized he wanted to go beyond engineering offerings, he earned the Six Sigma Green Belt certifications. He launched his entrepreneurial company, QuEST Global, in 1997. While Mr. Ajit Prabhu launched the company, a small company that provides product engineering services, over time, by maintaining a CAGR of 30%. Although, he expanded his company base by over 11000 employees in over 13 countries around the world. The aim of his company is to provide engineering and other digital facilities to companies. Further, the company enables 500 fortune companies to increase their profitability simultaneously changing the dynamics of markets. However, he is one of the few people who has built an empire from scratch.

Contributions towards Society

With excellent scores and a vision to improve in life, Mr. Ajit Prabhu started his own foundation. To help those who need education. Education is the only way to eradicate poverty from the country. Every child may get an excellent education despite from which background does he belongs. However, Ajit Pharbu, being a philanthropist, demanded no financial support to run his foundation. In addition, the foundation’s aim is to guarantee that kids have access to an education that benefits both them and the world around them. It is not unexpected to see the many accomplishments of such students.

Therefore, over 90 students will benefit from the foundation’s financial help in 2020, and that number expected to grow. Mr. Ajit Prabhu has a specific aim in mind: educating 1000 young people over the next 25 years so that they may make their own impact on the world, just as he did. His company shows how philanthropy is also at the heart of business and entrepreneurship, and the positive impact goes beyond business success.