There was a time when almost everyone wants a have a personal website. During that time website was the most common way to promote your business on the internet. However, things have changed with the arrival of Android phones. Android applications have now taken over the websites for all the right reasons. The Android apps are a lot easier to use and offer a way better experience compared to a website.

Recent research shows that over 51% of internet users have mobile phones. It means without mobile applications, you can’t attract these 50% mobile users. For the success of your business, the mobile application is a must. If you are still running a website or web app, it is time to convert the web app to an android app.

Seeing the importance of Android Apps, in this article, we will discuss the best way to convert a website to a mobile app.

Reasons for Choosing an Android Application

There are so many reasons for choosing an Android application. We will discuss some of the reasons briefly.

Your Reach Becomes Wider

As we have discussed earlier, the use of an Android app can boost your audience. Almost 85% of mobile users have Android phones. Therefore, it becomes evident that why you need to convert the website to an Android app. By opting for an Android application, you can target a majority of mobile users. It will surely expand your audience in no time.

Quick to Deploy

It doesn’t take too much time to launch an Android application. Launching an application on the Apple store is a time-consuming process, thanks to numerous formalities to fulfill. It can take up to one month to register your application on the Apple store. But for the Android application, it takes only 24 to 48 hours to publish your application. It is fast. Isn’t it?

Scope of Customization

Android is an open-source platform, so you don’t need to worry about the plug-ins and APIs obtained from the third-party. It offers a lot of customization options. You can ask your mobile application developer to customize the application in the way you like to.

No Annual Charges

From a financial point of view, it is very feasible to choose an Android application over an iOS application. You just have to pay $25 for a lifetime registration on Google Play Store, but you need to pay a $95 annual fee to keep your application on the Apple store.

Free Tools Availability

One can utilize the Android operating system free of cost. They also offer complimentary use of tools and development frameworks to create practical Android applications.

With their cross-channel support, an Android application offers you to interact and attract users on various operating systems, including iOS, Android, and the web.

How to Convert Website into an Android Application?

Now it’s time to discuss how to Convert a Web App to an Android App. For this purpose, we have to follow the below-given steps.

  • Decide the Mobile App Features and User Story

The first step is to decide which features the Android App must-have. For this purpose, the experts need to list all the features of the relevant website or web app. These features will decide how the future mobile app will look like. Besides listing the app’s features, the project manager should write the user’s story for the app developers. This will help the developers to solve various problems before building the app.

  • Estimate the Cost of the App

The next step is the cost estimation. Generally, the cost to Convert a Web App to an Android App depends on the required features and their complexity to incorporate in the app.

  • UI/UX Design

In the third step, the designer will create the appropriate user experience of the desired app. The interface should be eye-catching for your team and the users.

  • Technical Development Process

The next step to Convert a Web App to Mobile App is the development process. In this step, the developers need to deploy their technical skills. Here, Android Studio plays a crucial part.


A RESTful API is an architectural design for a particular API that utilizes HTTP requests in order to access as well as use the data. This data is then used to read, creating an update, and delete operations related to resources.

Database Development

As the name depicts, the database consists of one or multiple files required for saving, altering, and processing a large quantity of information.


This tool is used to divide the whole data into several pages. The users can select any number of the page to directly access that page.

Conclusion- The Best Way to Convert a Website to a Mobile App

Today, more than one options are available to convert a Web App to Mobile App. There are a few off-the-shelf online services that allow you to the convert a website into a mobile app in few clicks. These online tools just turn your website to an Android app without caring about the users’ experience and interface that matter the most for App success. Besides these issues, limited features will also ruin your success and growth. For an Android App which helps your business grow and also keeps your customers happy, the best way to Convert a Website to a Mobile App is to hire an Android App development company. This will help you achieve your goals in the best way possible.