International women's day

Woman is a personification of resilience,  love, beauty,  strength and definitely her presence required to be enjoyed every day but to caption her contributions our works celebrate International Women’s Day. This day is fully  dedicated to watch women’s success and their contributions in social, political, cultural,  and also economic development too. It is celebrated  to make everyone watch out for women’s rights and also about  gender equality. So, as women are around the corner, let’s learn about this special day, and know about it’s   significance and history. Read  to learn why the International Women’s Day is admitted on March 8 annually.  

Women’s day history and its significance 

Each year  over March 8, the world celebrates every woman’s achievements. But, did you actually know why specially on March 8th is celebrated as women’s day?

 Women’s day story dated  to 1917 where women’s progressed voting in Soviet Russia, March 8 tuned as a national holiday. From then, this special day was especially commemorated by the socialists movement and communist countries till in 1967 then acquired by the feminist campaign. In 1977 the United Nations dedicated this day to women and thought to celebrate this day  as International Women’s Day.

So, finally this day was primarily summed in America,  1909, February 28th below the movement International Women’s Day that is  organised through  Socialist Party of America. Where in 1911, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland celebrated their initial International Women’s Day over March 19th. But, in 1977, the United Nations recognised this special  day and announced March 8 as  Women’s Day around the  world.

How is this  Women’s Day celebrated across the  globe?

International Women’s Day is a nationwide holiday in most of the countries, which involves  Russia where the  flower sales doubles around  8th March.

In China, most of the women can have the access to take a half-day off from  work which is suggested by the State Council, but most employers never pass the half-day off  to their female workers.

So coming to Italy, International Women’s Day is commemorated by offering women a beautiful mimosa blossom. This tradition is unclear yet it is known that this tradition was initiated after World War Two in Rome.

The month of March in the USA is known as Women’s History Month. Where a presidential declaration published yearly to honour all the accomplishments of the American women.

It is the perfect day to  spread knowledge about women’s day, women rights and gender equality within  the people. It is celebrated to the women’s accomplishment in economic, social, political,  cultural  achievements of every woman. It inspires  women out there and tells them that no hurdles could easily stop them and take away from  accomplishing their goals.

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