Presentation folders in the age of Digital Marketing

Presentation folders are folders that hold paper, receipts, and other documents. These can also house brochures, sales materials. Some of them can even have business card slits to accommodate a business card.  

One might wonder about the relevance of presentation folders in the age of digital marketing. Even though going paperless is the new normal, the feel of a custom presentation folder will help a business stand out.

Clients may overlook a pitching email or digital brochure, but a physical copy of the same info might make them think about the business. These represent what the company stands for and makes the reader look inside.

Presentation folders are centralized windows into the operations and services of a company. Most sales and marketing operations use a variety of presentation folders for promotion.

These folders come in a variety of sizes and you can customize them according to the style and model you wish. There are many folder printing services available that will design and print a personalized presentation folder tailor-made for a company.

Types of Presentation folders

Based on finishes

There are multiple finishes available for a presentation folder like:

  • Matt 
  • Gloss 
  • Satin

Each of these makes use of different materials like silk and will guarantee long life. Also, they can be square and landscape, each for different occasions. Besides those, a wide range of templates and lamination can also be included while designing a presentation folder.

Based on Size

Custom presentation folders are an effective way to introduce your business to a client or stakeholders. From sending out proposals or even pitching, these will help you seal the deal if done right. 

The most popular presentation folder suits the A4 paper size. But there is also the A5 folder alternative. 

A5 folders are obviously smaller compared to the popular A4 variant. But that does not make it in any measure, have a lesser impact on clients and prospects. The small size makes it easier to handle and distribute. 

Portability is a major advantage for the A5 presentation folders compared to A4. They are easy to issue and carry around compared to the latter. The A4 folder printing is more economical than the A4 printing.

Custom A5 folders will be compact and if admirably designed, it will make certain that the accurate message is conveyed.

Based on Make

There are two broad kinds of presentation folders- presentation interlocking folders and the glued variety. The folder printing process is similar for both, but the difference is in putting them together. As the name suggests, a glued folder needs glue to keep the folder together. On the other hand, interlocking folders can be assembled by yourself and the assembly process is uncomplicated.

The advantage of presentation interlocking folders is that you can store them separately and slot them together when needed. There is not that kind of security while storing glued folders, which are more prone to damage.

Why do you need a Presentation Folder?

There are multiple reasons there is a need to design A4 presentation folders rather than going for generic blueprints. A custom-designed presentation folder expresses singularity. It will display the style and taste of the company which will make it more relatable to clients. 

It will showcase the unique identity of the business and its services. This creates a lasting impression on the general public. It will help spread the company name as everyone who sees the presentation folder will identify with it more easily. 

From the logo to the philosophy of your company, everything is customizable to make it more presentable to the target audience.

A tailor-made presentation folder will make you look more professional, especially in meetings and business presentations. Leaving information and brochures in such a presentation folder will make you the right company to collaborate with.


There are several advantages of using a presentation folder. You can organize all the related company documents systematically into one presentation folder. When all important notes, brochures, documents, and business cards are in one place, you can save time for preparing.

A personalized presentation folder will help you bridge the gap between potential customers and the products or services that your company offers. There is a provision to design separate presentation folders, to suit the prospects’ needs.

They will also provide an economical way to promote the company compared to most new age media. You do not need to print out new leaflets every time you bring out new products or change the prices. Instead, you just need to insert the new documents into the folder.

These will help you approach and start a conversation with your target audience. Be it anywhere, you can make them look and spare some time if you play the cards right. 

The contents of the folder will do the talking for you in such situations, which will be the start of a new customer relationship.

The presentation folder must be of premium quality, both in design and its content. The cover design of the folder is as important as the contents inside it. 

A cheap folder printing will cost you opportunities to get new business and drive sales or services. A custom presentation folder can help you stand out from the rest of the competition.