One thing you can’t miss laying your eyes on our hoardings. They are the backdrops we encounter on our daily commutes around the city. They serve as potential advertising boards and safety panels in construction works. You will come across hoarding boards primarily on major expressways, highways, busy intersections, market places and places where there is high visibility coupled with vehicular traffic. 

The biggest advantage is not the size and the strategic location but the creative ways one can customise and advertise their products and services with hoarding printing. Bearing this in mind, let us understand why hoarding printing plays an important role in brand awareness and how it can help you scale and 10x your business. 

Hoarding panels are usually made up of metal or wood standing 2 meters in height. They are sturdy and form a barrier around the perimeter in the construction sites.

#1 Helps In Local Advertising & Marketing 

When installed in cities, hoarding can be used as wayfinding signage platforms where local businesses encourage customers to find them and pay them a visit. Promoting products and services in high public footfall gets all the easier with these hoarding boards. It is less intrusive than graphic signs and digital announcements relying on the space to convey the information customers wants to know. One can avail minimal advertising panels to bespoke installations for all their brand needs. 

#2 Ensures Safety of Construction Workers And Commuters 

It protects and secures the perimeters of the area taking care of the construction workers. Separating the general public from the site and preventing unauthorised access to outsiders, building site hoarding is an important material to have for health and safety for all. 

The best use of construction site hoarding is to communicate safety and health information and work as a perfect backdrop for warning signs with regards to safety and compliance regulations. 

#3 For Directional Messaging

Hoarding panels render useful service to the public on the site giving the commuters alternate direction to the local point of interest. Directional signage on hoardings is important in locations where there is regeneration and development of properties taking place. Working as a directional message, they point to sales opportunities by capitalising on marketing suits. This ensures that customers and visitors don’t get lost and avoid situations that could be detrimental to one’s business. 

#4 Helps promote better 

Hoardings can help attract business to a brand because of the visibility factor. The wide range of customisation with foamex board is numerous. All you want is to create curiosity with your marketing referrals to boost sales. Your marketing message has the potential to spark excitement to a fever pitch for your new products and services. Highlight end of season sales, special offers, festive discounts, and much more with your hoarding boards. Make the best use of promotional campaigns to lure potential customers to your online and offline stores. 

#5 Perfect Tool For Long-Term Marketing 

The practical and physical benefits of installing hoarding boards are many. A perfect advertising and safety panel, it can function in any given setting and situation. This is what makes it one of the most versatile tools for spreading safety and advertising information. Premium hoarding boards are water and fire-resistant. They are easy to fabricate, customise, and their durability makes them withstand any weather condition for the long run. It never fails to catch attention and most importantly is a direct way to reach almost every other individual and groups of individuals in a town or city. 

Use Foamex For Hoarding Printing And Market In Style 

Getting hoarding boards is one thing, and printing your offerings is another. Foamex boards are one of the best printing materials you can equip your hoarding panels with. Large graphic displays with 10mm foamex should be your best bet followed by 5mm foamex which is the most produced signage solution. It is cost-effective and economically viable for all your marketing and promotional needs. If you are looking for short-term marketing solutions with hoarding boards, opt for 2mm foamex which is quite effective in catching the attention of the audience. 

Foamex signs come in many shapes and sizes, and the best way to use them is to integrate with hoarding panels to increase your brand awareness.