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We believe that investing in shielding bags is important. ESD protection is an essential part of electronics-based industries because it is applied in each cycle of production, repairing, and manufacturing. However, before exploring more about ESD Workbench, let’s understand what ESD is. 

What is ESD?

When two objects which are electrically charged come into contact (they can be the human body and an electronic device), static electricity is discharged. This is when electricity is conducted through our body and passed onto another object. For example, very often we feel “electric shock” and this happens when we touch a screen. However, this can be a challenging issue for many industries. Very often static discharge can result in fire in many laboratories. It can even lead to costly damages to electronic components in factories.

Why it’s Important to manage ESD 

Static discharge is destructive and even 1 volt of electricity is able to cause damage. Many devices, however, need up to 100 volts for damage. A static discharge should reach 2,000 volts or higher to affect humans. Therefore, if you don’t feel a zap, it doesn’t mean a static discharge did not happen or your electronic components haven’t damaged. 

Nowadays, there are a number of industries based on electronic components and their reliability to work in harsh conditions. That is why investing in a reliable ESD workbench is needed a lot. Note that some electronic component producers don’t have a clue that static discharge has damaged their products during the assembly process. They notice it once they test all components. The worst thing is that if these products were used in an industry like aerospace, one minor problem on a small component could bring terrible results. 

Advantages of ESD Benches                          

ESD tables are known for their amazing benefits. It acts as a layer of protection for people who are operating on electronic items. This helps reduce the damage coming from electrostatic discharge. This will increase the productivity, help you save money, lead to less malfunctions and create a safe environment. Finding the right manufacturer for your anti static workbench is mandatory. So that is why you should look no further and invest in electronics bench offered by Anti-Static ESD.

When investing in ESD workbenches, you will pay about 15-30% more for ESD products as compared to non-ESD products. This depends on the raw material as well as time required for manufacturing your ESD workbenches. Never think twice and invest in electronics bench offered by Anti-Static ESD because saving a few pounds on cheaper versions can bring awful failures. 

Always make sure whether the manufacturer you are dealing with can deliver your order on time or not. With Anti-Static ESD, you can be sure there will be no delivery issue. You can even check our delivery success rate and become sure you will never get low-quality products, and all your orders will be delivered without any delays. 

A good manufacturer should work on your special requirements. This is an essential factor to consider, so this is another reason why you should choose us. We can customize your electronics bench and take into account all your needs. 

Never think twice and go for the highest quality ESD Workbench made of materials. At Anti-Static ESD, we have a good track record of creating products that can withstand the harsh elements of your special types of facilities.

Hurry up to order ESD Workbench and guarantee the safety of your workers. Our products are designed to help them stay safe in their workplace. They are considered to be the best ones in the market as they are made using innovative modern anti static technology. Invest in ESD Workbench and you will see how perfectly they work to protect you, your workers, equipment and facilities from the dangers of electrostatic discharge. All workers in the electronics industry, where the risks of electrostatic discharge are greatest, should never hesitate to use electronics bench. Always remember that electrostatic discharge is a very real threat which can bring severe dangers. Electrical fires can occur and it will bring financial challenges as well. Buy them now and see the results yourself.  

We also offer high-quality shielding bags which are manufactured to 76μ +/– 10% thickness, exceeding industry standards. They are designed to store small electrical components, PCB’s and static sensitive equipment. In fact, they work to prevent the building of static within an environment and it makes them just perfect for storing electrical equipment. Besides this, metallised anti static bags will also be able to protect against electrostatic discharges. These shielding bags offered by Anti-Static ESD are fully QC traceable and have a-four-layer construction. Made with polyester dielectric, these metallised anti static bags are transparent and they also provide a static safe environment. So what are you waiting for? Order ESD shielding bags as they are made from premium quality metal and materials. Just get in touch with us at Anti-Static ESD and we will provide excellent products that your business needs!