Kindergarten is the foundation of a child’s learning journey and providing a strong start to your child will support them life-long.

In today’s competitive time when things are fast-moving, new concepts and technologies are emerging rapidly; the child needs an environment where their inherent skills are sharpened and their thinking and creative ability is developed so that they can easily adapt to new changes.

International Kindergarten Schools have evolved tremendously; it’s not just a learning centre, it’s a child’s skill development centre where students reading, writing, cognitive and motor skills are sharpened, preparing them for 21st-century skills.

What is Montessori School?

Montessori is named after Dr. Maria Montessori (Italian physician, educator, and innovator)who looked at education from a scientific level and believed that education should prepare a child for all aspects of life. The Montessori Method of education is an amalgamation of child-centric educational approach and techniques that would promote the natural growth of learning in students. This approach is  now adopted by all Montessori schools. 

Why Montessori School?

With Montessori school, your child’s growth starts early. The early years (birth through age 6) are a critical time to set a strong foundation and Montessori school teachers have mastered the art of teaching young children. Teachers use their knowledge of child development and academic outcomes to develop an individualized learning plan for each child, based on unique interests and abilities.

A Montessori School develops students into confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners who are ready for the real world where they can think critically and work collaboratively.

GIIS’s Montessori School of Tokyo has integrated the original theory with modern methodologies designed to offer unique development and growth opportunities to students.

Age criteria for admission:

KG 1:- 3 years and 8 months

KG 2:-4 years and 8 months

GIIS’s Global Montessori Plus Programme

It is a very contemporary programme regularly reviewed and updated by expert educators. The Programme is based on five strong pillars designed to nurture the future capabilities of children. The teachers are early childhood experts who are completely committed in preparing the young ones to take their first steps into the bigger world.

GMP’s 5 Pillars 

The Excelerate Programme

Here teachers help students to get fluency in language through listening, speaking, reading and writing skills along with numerical skills developed through Maths in a fun and interactive way. 

Multi-faceted Learning

GIIS creates activities to nurture student’s inherent personalities and help their intellectual capabilities to grow steadily.

iPlay Programme

Nursery is all about playtime and learning from them. GIIS’s play zone is designed for the children’s physical, social-emotional and cognitive development. They are given the freedom of choice regarding what to play, how to play and whom to play with; all these activities promote independence, interaction, teamwork and decision-making skills

iCare Programme

GIIS conducts activities like charity drive or gardening to help young ones understand the concepts of environmental awareness and community service which acts as the foundation of strong character-building from an early age.

Future Ready Programme

GIIS provides NextGen Learning to students from an early age so that they can understand and adopt key disciplines of the 21st-century education system helping them in a smooth transition to higher levels.

Benefits of International Kindergarten

  • Kindergarten boosts the self-esteem of young children.
  • Kindergarten teaches children cooperation, teamwork, how to get along with others, patience, sharing etc. 
  • GMP develops a child’s social and emotional learning skills
  • Kindergarten encourages a child’s curiosity and develops the natural love for learning.
  • Kindergarteners learn school rules  and also get introduced to school schedule and different subjects
  • Kindergarteners learn the basics which are essentials for higher levels

Prepare your child for a successful school year with the  GIIS’s Montessori School of Tokyo

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Tokyo



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Timing:-9.00am to 3.30 pm (Monday to Friday)