NetBackup Training

Data protection is currently more critical than ever, with enterprises of different scales relying primarily on cloud storage and other online infrastructures. In addition, cybercrimes such as ransomware attacks have made it imperative for businesses to have proper backup and restoration strategies in place. 

Even apart from the risk of cyberattacks, it is always a good idea to backup the necessary data and other digital assets in case something goes wrong. The demand for NetBackup training has therefore increased, both among employers and individual professionals. 

What is NetBackup?

A flagship product of Veritas NetBackup is a standalone data backup and recovery software. It has become extremely popular, with 87% of the Fortune 500 companies using Veritas NetBackup. Veritas, the company that has come up with NetBackup, is an industry leader in data protection and management services. NetBackup effectively ensures data security for various digital assets and works well with VMware and AWS solutions.

Veritas has integrated Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) with Veritas CloudPoint during the version 8.3 release of NetBackup. This allows the software to deliver a comprehensive solution addressing business continuity. 

Importance of NetBackup Training in the Data Protection Strategy of an Enterprise

NetBackup helps businesses of different scales, including major enterprises, keep their infrastructure safe from collapsing in case of a problem. A growing number of employers are training their in-house experts in NetBackup to protect their business interests. 

Due to several other factors, NetBackup is a prevalent choice for data backup and restoration, including: 

  • NetBackup is a centralized backup and recovery platform, making the whole process extremely convenient and streamlined. 
  • NetBackup offers extremely flexible deployment. It supports backup and restoration for any cloud and architecture at any scale. 
  • The software also delivers excellent resiliency. However, it suffers from negligible Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective. 
  • NetBackup allows enterprises to recover their data at scale without any hassle and extremely fast.
  • The comprehensiveness of NetBackup helps it meet the requirements of large-scale enterprises. 
  • Key features such as resiliency, migration, deduplication, disaster recovery, and Kubernetes Orchestration together make NetBackup a valuable application. 

Quite naturally, the importance of NetBackup makes businesses look for professionals who are skilled at managing NetBackup services. 

Should You Undergo a NetBackup Training Course?

By now, it is already evident that NetBackup holds a great deal of importance for various enterprises. However, apart from companies trying to train their employees, NetBackup training is also beneficial to IT professionals developing relevant skills. If you plan to build a career in data protection and management, obtaining NetBackup Certifications would pay off. Factors that make it worth pursuing a NetBackup course are:

Long-term Relevance

As of now, it is unrealistic to expect that the necessity for data protection would be gone any time soon. Rather, with the rising risks and more companies using cloud computing services, data backup and restoration would only gain significance. Hence, your skills in NetBackup would remain relevant in the long run. 

Widespread Acknowledgement

NetBackup currently manages more than 100 exabytes of data. Essentially, it is a leading choice among enterprises and is likely to remain that way in the near future. This popularity of NetBackup implies that a NetBackup certification would find acceptance and acknowledgment across numerous companies around the globe. 


Cloud computing professionals can choose to build their skills in various platforms and services. Now, an AWS professional may not have undergone courses on Azure or other cloud computing platforms. Such a situation calls for a versatile data protection solution and would prove useful to professionals using any cloud platform. NetBackup meets this requirement perfectly by supporting an extensive range of cloud computing platforms. 


Developing your skills in services that are key to the flawless functioning of a company would make you much more employable. With a certification in NetBackup, you would stand out from other applicants competing for a job. Employers, too, would see value in having you as a part of their company. 
Hence, you may stay assured that pursuing a NetBackup certification program may pay off in the long run. You may look for reputed IT institutes offering NetBackup training to help you prepare for the certification. Online institutes such as RPS Consulting that have a good track record are particularly good choices.