Why John Deere Golf Course Mowers Always Remain in High Demand

Some brands set milestones and others follow them. When it comes to buying the best golf course maintenance equipment, experts mostly suggest the John Deere brand. It is a renowned brand name in the agricultural sector for manufacturing cutting edge equipment. Similarly, John Deer golf course equipment range is also leading in the market. This company has a long history of more than 200 years in manufacturing  agricultural, diesel engines, drivetrains, construction, forestry machinery and lawn care equipment. Talking about the range of golf course maintenance equipment, they have the following options to serve:- 

Golf Course Mowers 

  • Fairway Mowers
  • Riding Greens Mowers
  • Rough, Trim and Surrounds Mowers
  • Walk Greens Mowers

Speciality Equipment

  • Aeration Equipment
  • Bunker Rakes
  • Turf Sprayers

Let’s understand why John Deere golf maintenance equipment are so popular globally. 

Reasons to Prefer John Deere Brand for Golf Course Maintenance Equipment 

  • Multiple Options 

In order to maintain a golf course, you need a complete fleet of equipment. Even for mowing purposes, different models of reel and rotary mowers are required. As mentioned in the above list, John Deere golf course mowers are available in four different categories. Both riding and walk behind models are available with different efficiencies. Apart from that, aerators, sprayers, utility vehicles and bunker rakes are also provided by this company. 

  • More Than Two Centuries of Experience 

John Deere has experience of more than 2 centuries in manufacturing agricultural and golf course maintenance equipment. Their continuous research in improving the design and engine efficiency is appreciable. The models of mowers, aerators and bunker rakes currently available in the market are known for their excellent results delivery. 

  • After-Sale Services 

Talking about the after sale services, John Deere has mentioned the details of their authorized service centers on their official website. For the convenience of customers, the company has launched a separate portal of dealers locator. In case of any technical fault, you can open their dealer locator web page, enter the address along with zip code to find the nearest dealer. 

  • Good Resale Value 

John Deere golf course mowers, aerators and sprayers have a great resale value because of customer’s trust in this brand. In the used golf course maintenance equipment store, this brand always remains high in demand. While upgrading to a new model with better efficiency, you can get a great resale value. 

Apart from John Deere, Jacobsen and Toro golf course equipment brands are also popular among the customers. You can buy their equipment from authorised stores. Below are some tips to consider while buying used golf course maintenance equipment. 

  • Don’t buy a model that was already discontinued by the manufacturer. 
  • Do some research on the credibility of a particular equipment instead of going with a brand name blindly. 
  • Ask the supplier for more details such as manufacturing year, working hours and internal parts condition. 

Don’t forget to ask for a warranty against technical faults while buying golf course maintenance equipment in pre-owned condition.