Why MEAN Stack is the Most Preferred Choice for Web & Mobile App Development

In this digital era, the importance of customized web and mobile apps has increased significantly. But as competition intensifies, it is necessary for companies to come up with feature-rich apps to match world-class standards and attract more people. Therefore, if you want to develop an app from scratch, the website development company

needs to use a consistent software stack. All you need to have the right set of tools, resources, and a standardized development process to build a customized and user-friendly application.

MEAN stack is such a stack that can meet your business needs effectively while offering the benefits of advancing technology in customized web and mobile apps. MEAN acronym stands for MongoDB (a database), Express (backend framework), AngularJS (Front-end framework), and Node.js (backend runtime environment). Though all these four technologies were developed separately, they form one of the strongest technology stacks together as MEAN stack.

Every reputed AngularJS development company and Node.js development services provider offer MEAN stack technology. Let’s understand why MEAN stack is ideal for a web app or mobile app development project. But, before moving to the benefits of the MEAN stack, let’s go through the importance of its various technologies.

Importance of MEAN Stack for Web and Mobile App Development

JavaScript binds all four technologies in the MEAN stack. Here are the key features that make this technology stack highly popular among developers and entrepreneurs alike.

Same Language

One of the most important benefits of choosing MEAN stack for web app development is it offers the same language JavaScript for both front-end and back-end development. Developers can write neat codes in the MEAN stack. Node.js takes care of the server-side coding, and AngularJS is useful for the client-side coding. This also makes it possible for developers to reuse the codes from backend to frontend.


When companies hire MEAN stack developers, they need not go for hiring multiple developers, because MEAN stack includes all the aspects of development, and the team of Java developers can do a better collaboration for accomplishing the web and mobile app projects on time. This can enable companies to save bucks on app development costs and developers’ charges on an hourly basis. In a way, MEAN stack development remains cost-effective for the companies.

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