cherry picker in Toronto

As a growing construction company, you’re aware of the rising costs and expenditure on purchasing, hiring, and maintenance of construction equipment.  These costs are reflected on the liabilities side of your balance sheet that keeps on rising every consecutive year. However, purchasing and hiring construction equipment is directly proportional to its time of use. One of such versatile machines is the Cherry picker machine widely used in construction sites. It has several uses and extensions for attaching other equipment whenever necessary. As the name suggests, it was earlier meant to use for agricultural needs. Later, the machine was explored by other industries like entertainment where it was used to create special effects for the singers during their live performances. Also, they were used on shooting locations to fix lights at a height. It was later explored by the construction industry and it started using it as one of its most efficient ariel lifts.

Today, many cherry picker rental companies offer cherry pickers on rent to the construction companies. It carries a single person on its non-slippery work platform and raises the person to their desired heights for repair and maintenance work. It is the most feasible machine that is easily available for rent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The companies can either purchase or hire it for some days on rent to complete their task. Torcan Lift Equipment in Toronto, Canada provides a cherry picker rental service. You can get them at affordable and optimum rates. Here are some of the reasons why a construction company should rent a cherry picker machine rather than purchasing it.

  • Flexible Needs on the Site:
    Cherry picker has several models with the facility to attach other machines for better efficiency. Mostly, their needs are flexible. You can access any height with those attachments. Since there is more equipment present like forklifts and telehandlers that do most of the jobs on-site; the cherry picker will have few uses. It is therefore advised to rent them from cherry picker rental services offered by the companies for construction purposes.
  • It is highly economical:
    Using a cherry picker only for a single day or as per need, will allow you to use it without any maintenance cost or other related costs. It is only the rental amount that you need to pay to the owner/company. These companies have attractive cherry picker rental packages which are profitable for your balance sheet on the asset side.
  • Support and Protection:
    A cherry picker or any huge construction machine is not meant for operation in adverse weather conditions. It can lead to fall and drop accidents. However, several specifications of cherry picker support working even in unstable weather. They are also designed to support tough construction sites having uneven surfaces. However, the supervisors at the site must check the weather conditions and instruct accordingly for its use. They should immediately order to stop working in bad weather with speedy winds. 
  • Easily Adaptable at the Site:
    Reaching a certain height via any equipment should be a flexible process. Ladders don’t give you such flexibility. It is a cherry picker machine that is adaptable to any height. One person can be easily accommodated with the required tools to work at a height.
  • Efficient and Time-saving:
    A cherry picker is a good substitute for ladders used to reach heights. When you hire a cherry picker, it allows you to do work efficiently and in less time. It saves your time and effort thus making things go smooth. Moreover, when you rent it, you do not have to worry about its depreciation or resale value. It is the owner of the machine that deals with. However, you have to agree to the terms and conditions put by the company on hiring. Check their packages and discuss their terms in detail.
  • Extension Facility Available:
    You can extend the hiring duration of the cherry picker anytime for half of the day or a full day as per your need. Most cherry picker rental companies offer you the flexibility to increase your time duration of day rental bookings.
  • Work safely with stability:
    When you choose a reputed cherry picker rental provider, you can stay assured that the equipment is checked technically, inspected, and well-maintained. Also, it is the owner’s responsibility to send the machine to the site and collect it after the rental period ends. Hence your staff is not disturbed during the entire process.

It is the safety that matters on a construction site. It is the prime responsibility of the company to provide complete training to the employee/worker ready to use the machine. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a cherry picker in Toronto, Torcan Lift Equipment is at your service. Call us at 1-833-743-2500 and get the best quote in the industry.