Relocating to a different place that’s miles away from your present residence is easier said than done. It requires extensive planning. Shifting to a new place is akin to a new beginning. You get a chance to start afresh in a new place amidst new people. However, that doesn’t mean everything will be new.

Many people are unwilling to shift to a new place. It’s not only the emotions that binds them to the current residence but also the thought of packing up and moving long distances. No wonder, majority of people rely on long distance movers to deal with it.

If you are moving across the country, you should hire long-distance movers to reduce your burden. But where can you find a reputable company to hire services for moving? Worry not, we, at Jordan River East, have got you covered. Here’s how-

Efficient Moving Service– Imagine that you have to pack every possession, arrange for the transportation and unpack the boxes once again when it reaches the destination. Wouldn’t it be too much of a task? You cannot even take a break after the arduous journey. Alternatively, you can let us take charge of packing and moving. We will take all the necessary steps to move your belongings from one place to another. Our movers will also assist you in unloading and unpacking the boxes in the new place. Our movers are efficient at the job, and the entire process will match your requirements and satisfaction level.

Fixed-price– One feature that appeals to the customers is fixed price. Most people are apprehensive about hiring a moving company due to the expensive prices quoted to them. Moreover, at times, a few companies change the previously quoted price at the very last minute. We are completely against this practice. We quote fixed prices after taking several factors such as- the distance to be covered, the weight of the cargo, etc into consideration. We quote the prices at the beginning itself. Our prices are likely to change, only if there is any change in the details of the move. So, with us, price is not something you will ever have to bother about. With our affordable rates, you can save yourself many a hassle.

No Stress– Panic sets in the day you start planning your move to a new place. You have multiple things to deal with before you leave the current place. The best you can do to lessen your stress is to outsource the tasks that can be performed by others. We can take charge of your moving and packing details, and you can attend to other matters instead. Logistics, packing belongings into innumerable boxes, moving them to the new place is something that will be taken care of if you invest in us.

Safety– You cannot be assured that all your items will be delivered safely to your doorstep unless you receive them yourself, can you? But if you invest your money and trust in a reputable moving company that deals with people’s items on a day-to-day basis, you wouldn’t have much to worry about. Our movers undergo extensive training before their recruitment. They understand that long-distance moves can damage your belongings if they aren’t packed properly. So, they pack every item carefully to eliminate any risk of damage to your belongings. Moreover, long-distance movers are equipped with the tools and resources for the safe and secure transportation of your belongings.

With us, your possessions will be in the hands of competent and reliable professionals. There you go! What else would you need to ensure a smooth experience of packing and moving your belongings? If you have any queries, please reach out to us.