shaving towels

In many barbershops, hot shaving towels are a must-have. They are still used in barbershops today!

But, when it comes to shaving, are hot towels really necessary? Or are they just a part of the old-fashioned, opulent barbershop experience?

Hot towels have a lot of little-known benefits that many home shavers are unaware of. The usage of heated towels by home shavers results in fewer shaving blemishes. Using the same procedures barbers use for straight razor shaving, you can protect your face from ingrown hair, razor bumps, and shaving wounds.

Barbershops Use Hot Towels for a Reason

For many men, a barbershop shave was a luxury before the invention of the home razor. To enhance the shaving experience, barbers utilized heated towels perfumed with essential oils such as lavender and other colognes. Men exit barbershops were smelling and looking fantastic.

The barbershop shave has resurfaced in popularity, particularly among young people. The use of a hot towel is an important component of this experience, and it is also connected with luxury.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hot Towels?

Hot towels are preferred by barbers because they make shaving face hair simpler. Wrapping a hot towel around the customer’s face promotes a healthy shaving environment for the skin. Hot towels soften hair and open pores, allowing straight razors to glide over skin for a close, comfortable, and blemish-free shave.

The hot towel outcome explains why home shavers are advised to wash their faces with warm water before shaving. Ingrown hairs are drawn to the surface by the warmth, which also helps to reduce razor burn. This is because the razor cuts the hair rather than yanking and pulling, which is a common mistake made when wet shaving.

How to Make Your Own Shaving Hot Towel at Home

Rather than a warm water wash, a heated towel treatment exfoliates the skin while also giving a peaceful way to start or finish the day. It’s simple to use or designate a towel as a shaving towel – just pick a face cloth or other hand towel; there’s no need for fancy towel warmers like those seen in barbershops!

Here are three simple ways to make the your own hot towel at home:

The Method of Using Hot Tap Water

This approach is taking a facecloth and soaking it in hot water directly from the faucet. Apply to your face after wringing out extra water.

The Method of Boiling Water

In a pot or tea kettle, bring water to a boil. In the sink, place the facecloth. Pour the water over the facecloth as soon as it reaches a boil. When the towel is cool enough to handle, wring it out. The disadvantage is that the water takes a few minutes to boil. Preserving boiling water for a French press coffee is a fantastic life tip. This can help you save time when it comes to pre-shave water heating.

Microwave Technique

Soak a facecloth in water for a few minutes and then squeeze it out. Place the towel in the microwave for 30 seconds on high once it is moist but not saturated. It may take several minutes for the towel to cool. Make sure to use it right away after microwaving it to avoid it cooling too much.

Massage the face with the cloth once it is heated enough, going against the grain. This exfoliates and softens the hair by allowing it to absorb water. It takes roughly three minutes to complete the hot towel massage. After that, you can start shaving.

Barbershops don’t have to be the only place where you can get a hot towel treatment. You can use a hot towel in the comfort of your own home. Only use a heated towel that isn’t too hot!


Is it really necessary to shave with hot towels? Not at all. However, if you want to exfoliate your skin and make shaving easier, it’s absolutely worth a shot. Your hair and skin will appreciate it!

You can save time on the actual shave by taking an extra five to ten minutes to thoroughly heat a hot shaving towels and massage your face before shaving.