cruelty free hair products

Hair and scalp are needed to be taken care of properly. It is true that there are plenty of hair products like shampoo, conditioner, hair sprays, masks and serums available but one has to be sure about what to use and what not.

It is important to choose wisely here because there are plenty of hair products available in the market which are loaded with chemicals and they make hair dry and frizzy and often lead to problems like dandruffs and hair fall. Hence one must take note that the things they are applying on hair are cruelty free hair products

A lot of people wonder whether presence of sulphate or paraben in hair products and shampoos are a good thing or not because many shampoos come up with a disclaimer that they are paraben and sulphate free. Well, presence of sulphate can actually cause itchiness, irritations and scalp insensitivity.

When one foams up the shampoo then it is supposed to clean the grime and dirt present in the hair strands and the scalp. But sulphate is a kind of a harsh detergent which not only strips away the natural oil from the scalp and hair but also leaves them quite vulnerable to the environmental toxins. Sulphates are also said to be alkaline in nature which can disturb the natural pH balance of hair and scalp. It can leave the hair tangled, frizzy and split. If one fails to rinse off the shampoo well then the residue can harm the scalp also.

A lot of research also says that sulphate can lead to hair fall. If one uses a shampoo which has a lot of sulphate then the residue starts building up on the scalp. It can choke up the hair roots leading to hair fall. This residue can also corrode the hair follicles and in some severe cases, the follicles can die because of excessive irritation and dryness. As a result of this the hair growth slows down and hair thinning can also happen. The residue that remains unwashed can make the hair strands brittle and more prone to damage. The hair breakage also keeps happening due to this dryness. In some cases, the sulphate based shampoos can lead to acne in the hair line and in turn can infect the follicles. This can lead to clogged roots and hair loss in that particular area of the scalp. Hence long term use of a sulphate based shampoo can actually harm one’s hair growth.

It is always a good idea to go for a chemical free, mild shampoo which one can use regularly to keep the scalp and hair clean. There is plenty of cruelty free hair brands available in the market which have come up with varieties of shampoos based on hair and scalp types and they are completely devoid of any kind of harsh chemicals including sulphate. One can choose these shampoos depending on their requirement and can use them at a regular interval to make the hair strong.