Window tinting has different benefits, such as protecting against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and protecting the interior of the car. Car window tinting Portsmouth can be a good investment for car owners in the long run. When investing in window tinting Northampton, it is also essential to learn about the following window tint terminology.

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)

VLT is the light that passes through a window, and it can be classified into Internal and External Visible Light Transmittance. A lower VLT percentage means that less visible light is passing through a window.

Visible Light Reflectance

VLR is the percentage of light that is reflected from the glass window. A lower percentage indicates less reflected light. VLR measures the window film’s ability to reduce glare, as a higher VLR percentage indicates better glare control.


U-value is also known as U Factor. It refers to the ability of a window tint to transfer heat from the outside to the interior. A lower U-value indicates that the window and film can insulate more effectively and requires less energy to maintain the car interior’s temperature.

Shading Coefficient

Shading coefficient refers to the ratio of heat passing through a window with a window film compared to un-filmed glass. A window film with lower shading coefficient values indicates that it can provide better shade.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

SHGC measures energy re-radiated into the vehicle’s interior due to glass heating up and increased heat absorption.

Total Solar Energy Rejected

TSER refers to the amount of solar energy reflected from a window that prevents heat from getting inside the vehicle. TSER values that are higher indicate that the vehicle’s ability to reject and block heat is better.

Curing Time

Curing time is the time required for window tints to fully bond and stick to car windows. In ideal weather, the curing time for car window tints can take as long as three days.

For more information about the different window tint terminologies, here is an infographic by Global Tint.