Facial Wrinkles

If you don’t know what wrinkles are, fret not. You will get familiar with them as you age. Aging is a natural life process that can’t be reversed. However, you can diminish the appearance of the folds on your skin by using the right kind of products. For example, it could include a suitable anti-aging night cream for dry skin.

Over time, your skin releases more minor of the proteins like collagen and elastin. These are responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. However, due to their low production, your skin sags and starts to develop those lines.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles?

Look at these easy steps that you can try to increase the production of elastin and collagen. These anti-ageing tricks help deal with men’s wrinkles.

  • Start Using an Anti-wrinkle Cream

It is worth using an anti-wrinkle cream along with retinol to keep the wrinkles away. Retinol has proven to be a powerful ingredient when it comes to battling the creases on the skin.

An anti-wrinkle cream will give you the desired results by reducing the existing wrinkles. But, not just that, it will also prevent the new ones from forming.

  • Avoid Smoking

It would help if you got rid of the horrible habit of smoking. It deteriorates your health as well as your skin. In addition, the production of the required proteins gets obstructed because of the enzymes released due to smoking. So, it is better to avoid it while you still can.

  • Consume Vegetables and Fruits

Fill yourself up with enough fruits and vegetables. This will naturally help in fighting wrinkles without showing any serious side effects. Consume citrus fruits as they are rich in vitamins and will help in maintaining healthy skin.

  • Sleep in a Supine Position

Always maintain a supine position while sleeping. Choosing any other sleeping position can cause sleep lines to develop on your face. These lines might seem temporary but can form permanent creases on your skin.

  • Keep Yourself Protected from the Sun

Sun can damage the skin and cause the development of premature skin lines. All you need to do is apply sunscreen with an SPF 30 before stepping outside. This will prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating your skin.

  • Start Using a Face Scrub for Men

You need to exfoliate your skin, and for that, you can use a men’s facial scrub. Face scrubs usually help in removing dead cells and replace them with new skin cells. When they are applied, the folds on the face get reduced. It is best to use these scrubs two to three times per week.


Wrinkles can be quite a challenge. Like creams for dark spots, there are anti-wrinkle creams that you can buy from the market. Wrinkles are a result of your lifestyle changes, sun damage, and other environmental factors. All these factors can be taken care of, but ageing, not really. However, by following the above steps, you can assure yourself of somewhat wrinkle-free skin.