Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems are an ultimate need of every household in Georgia, USA. The main reason is that people can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment all year around. When the system is functioning efficiently, people usually forget about its maintenance. Every homeowner should understand the basics of an HVAC unit and the role of its ductwork in its proper functioning. This is the reason for the high demand for reliable services for Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Roswell

You must know that HVAC mainly circulates processed air within the room. The air is sucked from the surrounding, treated in the system, and emitted from the ductwork in a continuous and flawless cycle. Hence, every HVAC part is equally important. Any malfunctioning of the system may lead to damage to the appliance. Also, it is a fact that incompetent or blocked ductworks will waste energy and increase the energy bills. Hence, people are also highly concerned about Air Duct Cleaning in Roswell


The 3 basic principles of HVAC Duct Design include: 

  1. ACs and furnaces allow a calculated amount of airflow to pass through the system so that the appliance is able to function efficiently for years. 
  2. Every building and home has unique requirements, so when selecting the appropriate HVAC design, you must consider the challenges that certify that the HVAC system attains the right airflow. 
  3. A perfect ductwork system is determined by its capacity to reach the targeted airflow required by the system. To assure optimum efficiency, ductworks should be taped up at all the layers for proper insulation especially in exposed regions. 

Residential air duct systems are always installed by qualified professionals. It is recommended to get the HVAC system inspected occasionally to treat any issues. 


HVAC inefficiency is a common issue that is a challenge for many homeowners. The best way to detect that your HVAC unit is not functioning at the full capacity is to monitor its performance. If you feel your system is not functioning properly, then you must inspect the HVAC ductwork in the first place. Following are some of the general issues that may emerge with ductwork and require a replacement:

  1. Improper Size of Ductwork 

Sometimes the HVAC is upgraded but people ignore whether the current ductwork is attuned with new appliances. If the ducts are not the proper size then there is a chance that it might damage the system. After installing a new system, you must get the ductwork examined and make appropriate adjustments. 

  1. Incorrect Placements of Ducts

Ductworks being the end-point of HVAC can be relocated. Correctly placed ducts help control the temperature easily. 

  1. Problematic Return Ductwork

Sometimes vents get clogged or dislocated and hinder proper airflow. In this case, your appliance will not be able to regulate the temperature of the surroundings. 

  1. Leakage in Ductwork

Ductwork may be damaged and develop leakages. In critical cases, an air duct replacement may be required and you need to hire a contractor for this. 

Efficient installation of ductwork is the backbone of an HVAC system and provides the most comfortable environment at the click of a button. 


  • Kinked and Twisted Ductwork

A regular inspection of the HVAC unit, ductwork also needs examination for any possible issues. Sometimes the ducts get kinked or twisted, and professional service is required for its treatment. 

  • Hindered Airflow 

If you notice an inconsistent or hindered airflow from your system, it might be due to incompatibility with the HVAC system and its ductwork. A technician will replace the ducts, adjust the grill size, and replace air filters. When ducts match with the system, they also become compatible with the energy efficiency capability of the appliance. 

  • Detection of Cold and Hot Spots

If you detect any cold or hot spots in numerous areas of your home, a possibility might be that your HVAC system may have any leakages, blockages, or tears. In a few cases, it could be because the ductwork might be inappropriate in size.  

  • Inappropriate Sound Emission 

Inappropriate sounds (such as rattling, shrieking, or shrilling) coming out from the HVAC ductwork may be an indication of improper functioning of the unit. In this case, you need to call a professional HVAC repair service and get the problem fixed. 

A routine HVAC inspection (at least twice a year) will not only save you from big damages but also improve the lifespan of your system. 


HVAC services vary in prices depending on what you are looking for. Normal inspection and maintenance service costs usually range from $300-$500. Moreover, for bigger setups, the price may spike to $700. 

Ductwork Cleaning involves the removal of debris and disinfection procedures. Qualified professionals must perform this. Experts do not recommend opting for low-cost services as they may not be reliable. 

When you require ductwork repairing, the cost ranges from $350-$700. If the HVAC condition is complicated then DIY methods might not work. On the contrary, you can do minor repairs yourself and save a great deal of money. 

The normal cost of ductwork replacement range from $30-$35 for each linear foot. The ductwork of a single-family home extends to 30-90 feet long. Still, it depends on the home layout and system type. A professional service provider usually shares quotes with clients that precisely match their requirements. 

Sometimes, ductworks are fixed in complicated areas of the home that may lead to a higher quote from the contractor. Other considerations for higher prices include the installation of new ductwork and the replacement of air filters. On the contrary, for installation of new ductwork ranges from $4000-$6000. This does not include the price of added fixtures and labor. Regular ductwork maintenance enables proper system functioning, controlled energy bills, and increased lifespan of the system.