Who doesn’t love to play games? I think, no one! Everyone loves to play games and have fun. So, like you and other game lovers, here we have got a crazy zombie survival game for Android. The game is Zomvid-19, one of the best zombie survival defense games out there.

So, let’s know a few more detaila bout this crazy game befroe start playing.


Zomvid-19 is the latest zombie survival shooting game that carefully and exclusively developed for Android by Odyssey Developments. The game is mainly a mix of tower defense and action-packed shooting sequences and can be played both online and offline.

In the game, you need to survive and defend your home and shelter from blood-thirsty zombies. After the zombie apocalypse, the walking-deads are everywhere, they are hunting livings. To survive, there are huge amounts of weapons and explosives. So no worries. Grab your weapon, stand against the zombie hordes, shoot and kill them all. Upgrade your weapons, explosives, shield, and other things to make your defense and shooting power stronger and better.

With a total of 30 well-designed levels with 3 gaming modes for each level, different atmospheres, lots of poweful weapons and explosvies, beautiful 3D graphics & gameplay, and cool background sound effects, Zomvid-19 is a great zombie shooting game for sure.

Zomvid-19 Main Features

  • Simple yet difficult to master shooting survival game
  • Download for free, and play offline or online30 well-designed levels full of nasty zombies to kill (more coming) 
  • 8 Different zombies with horrible bosses, some of them are taller, some are fat, some are in usual size, some of them even are animals and more.  
  • An arsenal of zombie killer weapons, explosives, and other gear to overpower and kill hordes of zombies.
  • Weapons: shotgun, FN P90, M-16, AK-47, Olt Python, Fire Gun, Stun Gun, Bazooka, and M134.
  • Explosives: Big Bomb, Grenade, Poison bomb, and Freeze Bomb.  
  • 3 different defense systems – home, thorn defense, and metal defense. 
  • 3 different gaming modes for each level – easy, normal, and nightmare.
  • Get the exclusive daily diamond bonus and exclusive explosive watch-video rewards.  
  • Upgrade each and every defense system, weapons, and explosives wisely to make them stronger.  

Download Zomvid-19 on Google Play

So, download Zomvid-19 right now on your Android and enjoy the ultimate zombie survival fantasy!!!