Zoom clone

Video conferencing apps have gained popularity over the last few years, as they benefit people to stay in touch even in the distance and communicate effectively, face-to-face. Video conferencing apps like Zoom help connect people for various purposes like business, education, social gathering, etc., at any time and place. 

Pre-pandemic, the usage of video conferencing was not sought after every day in every household or business. But as the Covid started, professionals began working from home, schools and colleges were shut. There are no social gatherings. Meetings are done only through video conferencing as it is the only option.

Impact of Covid on communication

Covid has enabled the use of video conferencing as the only method of socializing and running businesses. Many businesses had to be shut down due to heavy losses during the lockdown. students started taking classes online through video calling apps. Initially, when the government did not impose strict norms, as people started using this method to communicate, users automatically found it to be effective. There was a complete cut in transportation costs, energy savings, and comfort in communication. The method was immediately adapted, and in the future, likewise is expected to be adopted, especially in businesses where more remote meetings may be expected to be held by the companies.

Overview of Zoom App

  • Zoom is an American communication technology company.
  • It was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Jose, California.
  • The app is used for telecommunications, teleconferencing, maintaining peer groups, long-distance learning, etc.
  • The company first became profitable in 2019.
  • The revenue of Zoom as of 2020 is $2.65 billion.
  • Its total assets are $5.298 billion.
  • It has 2532 employees as of 2020.
  • Zoom’s usage increased the most during the global pandemic.

Reasons for launching video conferencing app like Zoom clone for business

App user’s view

  • Better communication

The communication through video conferencing app is said to provide a better understanding as there will be face-to-face communication that enables one to understand a person from their expressions. The audio quality will be crisp and clear, making it easy to understand what a person talks about.

  • Saves money

Video conferencing saves a lot of money as it involves no expenditure and is free. It cuts the travel expenses and leads to good savings in the long run. A person can communicate effectively with anyone using the same video conferencing app with a good internet connection.

  • Saves time

It is a huge time saver as travelling needs a lot of time. Travelling is also exhausting. Besides, communication via emails and SMS does not provide many expressions and will not be clear as face-to-face communication, where understanding will be better. SMS and Emails sometimes get lost and do not reach the other person. Hence, this is a safer method of communication.

  • Builds communication

Communicating through video conferencing builds trust through communication, as it is easy to pick up verbal and non-verbal communication. Research states that 98% percent of people agreed technology has helped them build communication on and off business.

  • Improves efficiency

Video conferencing offers more precise and crisp communication, sharing content through the screen, real-time collaborations, and the option to join from any place and time, making it more efficient.

  • Better productivity

Video conferencing makes collaborations easier on a real-time basis. Messages, emails will not get lost, and there will be an immediate response from the other side. It is easy to analyze if everyone is on the call and their feedback is received. This ensures there is no confusion amongst people and all doubts are cleared.

  • Simpler scheduling meetings

Remote meetings provide the ability to join from anywhere. The person may be located in any place. The only need is a smart device and a strong internet connection,to stay connected and avoid glitching.

  • Accuracy in records

To take notes while being on-call can be distracting, and there may be deviations. This gave the need for addition for recording features. The users can record their video calling sessions and share them around for watching them and taking notes.

  • Conduct live sessions

People can create live sessions from anywhere. Panel meetings, webinars, product launches, contests, etc., can gather people to participate safely. 

App owner’s view

Since the need for video conferencing applications is soaring, especially for business purposes, launching a Zoom Clone app with features to suit business needs will fetch more profits. Businesses and students need a medium to communicate every day amidst the pandemic; launching the app made with Zoom Clone script means many users will avail of the app’s service.

Points to remember before launching Zoom clone script

  • Look for the target market to launch your app. The area should have a primary internet connection. People should own smartphones. Targeting a region with working professionals will make the Zoom clone app suitable for businesses—research regarding the competing parties in the area.
  • Analyze the competitors and their product features, business model, growth, and transformational story. Obtain the information from genuine sources for reference.
  • Conduct research beyond the target market to find features of similar apps. Some platforms possess unique features that will not have become a part of another market yet. The plan should be to teach a similar or identical quality to drive traffic.
  • Fix a budget for the app development and management of long-term and short-term expenses. Source the capital from a reliable resource and ensure there will be a constant flow. Keep a portion of funds as a provident fund to meet unforeseen circumstances.
  • Approach a developer and enquire about the prices for the app development. Choose the features that are needed the most and do not stretch your budget.
  • The app should provide a good UI/UX experience and be simple to use. 
  • Post-development, the developer should test the app for sorting technical errors. The developer may make any additions or removal of features.
  • Launch the app when the performance touches the necessary points and optimize continuously to keep up the functioning.

The revenue model for the Zoom clone app

  • In-app advertisements

Publish in-app advertisements of various brands in the format of skippable and unskippable ads and promotional banner ads. The conversion will be immediate when a user taps the ad.

  • Subscription

Offer subscription to avail longer video call sessions or add more participants. Set a threshold for the free version. 

Final words

Develop and launch the intelligent Zoom Clone for business to reward your future with profits. The cost of development of the Zoom Clone app depends on several factors as the company’s brand, developer’s experience, features chosen, time is taken for app development, etc.